Nandha Julistya / CSR Advisory

Partner of Lampu Hati, Rumah Belajar and Pelangi Nandha's years of experienxe in social Implementing a big vision often cannot easily be achieved alone. Recognizing that collaboration is the keyword in carrying the mission. Therefore, Nandha's strategy is to build a fair and mutual partnership with various organizations that have the objectives and purposes that are able to cooperate with our company. Among his many contribution, Nandha has produces Pelangi a Children Magazine Board. You can visiting the webpage at Dunia Pelangi ( to see the virtual's version. Nandha has been partnering with Qyvisionpr to establish a strategic social development concepts for many clients to achieve the CSR goals.

Founder and Volunteer of Social Humanitarian Communities and Research Associate Institute of Social Development Partnership

Nandha  holds a Bachelor's degree, Communication SciencePublic Relations.